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Tax Services

For individual and business tax preparation, Complete your return with us in person or by using our client portal, no office visit is required.  For in-person preparation, schedule an appointment for our 30-minute low-contact office visits.  To complete your return virtually, email the contact form at Email Contact, to get started.


- Send an email to or call 866-754-1040 to get started.

- Once we receive your email, we will create a virtual portal for you, and upload applicable intake forms and checklists.

- Upload documents to the encrypted portal we create for you.  Once received we will give a quote for service based on the documents received.

- Estimated cost of service sent to you for approval.

- 50% of the estimate required to begin.

- We complete the return, while you relax.

- A copy of the return is uploaded to your portal.

- Review documents for accuracy then sign documents to e-file.

-  You receive the final invoice.

- Once the final invoice is paid we e-file your return to IRS and your state if applicable.

- We will email you when the return is accepted by the IRS, and your state (if applicable) along with instructions on how to pay or check the status of your refund.

- See graphical instructions here.

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